10 Ocak 2019

The wind of Kazakhstan in Istanbul

The wind of Kazakhstan in Istanbul

Anatolian Protestant Church in Kadikoy hosted James Wright (Jeyms Rayt), author of the book “Golden Fields” Ammantay Kulakmetof, Pastor Yelkinbeg and members of the community from Kazakhstan on January 9.

The importance of unity and worshiping as a single church is highlighted

The church community warmly welcomed the guests to emphasize the importance of the unity and worship as a single church.

After the opening speech by Gürkan Çamsun from the leaders of the Anatolian Protestant Church, a joyful worship time was held.

Çamsun introduced James Wright’s book with the words saying: “This book taught us that we do not know much of what we think we know.”

Çamsun also talked about the spiritual bridges between Turkey and Kazakhstan, that 19 faithfuls from Kazakhstan at the time of the Marmara earthquake and reminded that they helped the victims.

James Wright author of the book “Gold Fields” told thay he is living in Turkey with his family for 16 years. Afterwards, Ammantay Kulakmetof shared his life story and told how he came to know God.

After Ammantay, Kazakhstan Church Pastor Yelkinbeg gave a short sermon, saying “God loves you, because God is love. Many events in the Bible have taken place in this land. God loves Turkey.”

The program ended with the distribution of the Golden Fields book.


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