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An Investigation into the Video Shooting at the Sümela Monastery

During the promotional film shot by DJs with a team of 30 people, with special permission, in the Sümela Monastery, which is closed to visitors for slope improvement and restoration in Trabzon, the footage during a promotional film in which electronic music is accompanied by dances drew reaction. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched an investigation against those responsible for allowing the shooting of the promotional film.

Sumela Monastery, one of Turkey’s important historical, touristic and religious sites, on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, on the outskirts of Karadağ, Maçka district of Trabzon, was closed to visitors as part of the restoration, landscaping, geological and geotechnical research and strengthening of the rocks.

Project owner and organizer DJ Ahmet Şenterzi and his colleagues Volkan Gündüz and Cengiz Can Atasoy, who entered the monastery, where the work continues, with special permission from the Governor’s Office and the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, shot a video with a team of 30 people.

Sound and music systems were installed in the monastery area, and the footage of the electronic music played during the shootings where the cameras were placed, and the moments when the team was accompanied by dances, received a reaction. In the footage, there were moments when the team accompanying the music danced and had fun at different points of the monastery.


Murat Çavga, President of the Tourism Operators and Travel Agencies Association (TİSAD), who reacted to the clip shooting in Sümela, shared on social media with the title “A moment when our brains burned and our minds went blank”. Çavga said, “The public conscience will not be relieved unless those responsible explain why this permission is granted. What’s the good of this disco-like entertainment in a structure where our state allows 1 day of worship per year?” 


The Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched an investigation on the images that caused public reactions. It has been learned that an investigation has been launched against the officials of the Governor’s Office and the Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate who allowed the shooting, which was learned to have been carried out without the approval of the Ministry, and that the inspectors will come to the city tomorrow.


The photos and videos that emerged in the Sumela Monastery lifted Greece to its feet.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement that they condemn such an electronic dance music event.

Emphasizing that it was disrespectful to a sacred structure, the statement emphasized that “Turkish authorities should respect this sacred structure”, while calling for a similar event not to happen in the future. (Sözcü) 

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