20 Ağustos 2022 Cumartesi

Metropolitan Archbishop of Izmir Monsignor Martin Kmetec’s Call for Solidarity with Ukraine

Dear Brother Presbyterians,
Dear Religious men and women, and consecrated persons, Dear brothers and sisters,

For many days, the news from Ukraine has been a source of apprehension and anguish for all of us. Because of unjustifiable aggression, many people continue to die; many of our brothers are in mourning many others continue to be in danger. A very large number of people in an attempt to protect themselves from the destruction of weapons, have had to leave everything and are now in a very precarious situation.

In these days of Lent, the liturgy leads us to recall the journey of Israel in many ways that recorded in the book of Exodus. As the lament of Hebrew people once ascended to God (Ex. 2, 23), now it is the lament of the Ukrainian people that reaches Heaven. Today the Lord calls each of us to do everything in our power to help our suffering brothers and sisters.

With this awareness, the Catholic Bishops of Turkey have decided that next 20 March 2022, the third Sunday of Lent will be a day dedicated to solidarity with the people of Ukraine. In every church and Christian community in Turkey during the festive celebration, we will invoke the end of the conflicts and entrust to the Lord all the victims of the war. Also donations will collect in money to provide help for concrete and urgent needs of the Ukrainian people.

In these weeks that lead us to Easter, in which the church never ceases to invite us to penance and to the work of charity, I invite everyone to adhere generously to the beneficial initiative that will allow us to serve the Lord once again present in those who suffer.

From now on, I would like to thank each of you for your help.

+Martin Kmetec

Metropolitan Archbishop of Izmir CET Chairman

(Conference of Catholic Bishops in Turkey )

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