1 Aralık 2021 Çarşamba

Protestant Churches Association Publishes “Thank you” Message on the Official Website

A “Thank you” message was posted today on the official page of the Board of Representatives of the Association of Protestant Churches. In their message, the Board of the Association thanked to everyone who serve the people in the Coronavirus pandemic days and they stated that they pray for them:

“The new type of corona virus (COVID-19), which emerged in Wuhan, China on December 1, 2019 and was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, which quickly spread around the world and became a global crisis. COVID-19 is a threat to the public health due to its high contagion, permanent damage to the human body, and the effects that will cause life-threatening impacts on human health, particularly for individuals with chronic conditions.

In addition to the preventive and protective measures taken so far, our people largely comply with the “Stay as Home” calls made by the authorities. Nevertheless, covid-19 cases and life losses are being experienced; and as in all over the world, the number of cases is observed to increase day by day.

These days our people have voluntarily quarantined in accordance with the “Stay at Home” calls. We want to thank doctors and other health workers are working in great risk. We would like to thank also the police, gendarmerie and municipal personnel who contribute to preventive services, post and cargo staff who make easier for us to stay at home by bringing our online purchases, couriers, grocery stores and bakeries, especially to the people working to ensure our needs and the civil servants who continue to work for maintaining the social order and in the media.

We appreciate their work. We want them to know that we are aware of the importance of their efforts. We pray for them and their families.”


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