8 Nisan 2021 Perşembe
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Metropolitan Bishop Fahd

A new priest is ordained and appointed to the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church in Antioch

The ordination of Yuhanna Abdullah Papasoğlu as priest took place at the Greek Orthodox Church of Altınözü, Antioch.The appointment of Yuhanna Abdullah Papasoğlu, one of the residents...

Metropolitan Bishop Fahd consecrated the church in Altınözü after the restoration works

Alber Asanasiyos Fahd, the Metropolitan Bishop of Latakia visited churches in Iskenderun Arsuz and Altinozu Tokacli as part of his pastoral visits. Metropolitan Bishop Fahd received information...

The Church of Yayladağı consecrated after the restoration works

During the past week Metropolitan Bishop of Latakia, Alber Athanasios Fahd who visited the churches in Antioch last week consecrated the Greek Orthodox Church...

Metropolitan Bishop Fahd is welcomed with Paintings and Palm Branches

Metropolitan Bishop of Latakia His Excellency Alber Asanasiyos Fahd, who is in Antioch for a while, made a series of visits in Samandağ and Mersin during...

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