10 Mayıs 2021 Pazartesi
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Patriarch Sahak II

The Last Sermon of 2020 from Patriarch Sahak II

From the Facebook page of Turkey's Armenians Patriarchate, on December 24, Thursday, the holy offering mass that realized in Galata St. Krikor Lusavoriç Church...

The Feast of the Holy Cross was Celebrated Under the Presidency of Patriarch Sahak II

On Sunday, October 25, 2020, Armenian Apostolic Churches celebrated one of the feasts of the Cross, the feast of the Holy Cross.On this feast...

Markar Esayan Passed Away

AK Party Istanbul Deputy Markar Esayan passed away. Esayan, who received treatment for stomach cancer last year, was receiving treatment at home after his...

New Father Appointed to Surp Harutyun Church Outside Kumkapı

On Sunday (October 4th 2020), Surp Harutyun Church outside Kumkapı, newly appointed chaplain Father Natan Arabyan, made his first Holy mass in this church...

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