29 Eylül 2023 Cuma

Young People Gathered for the 3rd Time in “Face to Face” Conference

The Face to Face Youth Conference was organized for the third time between 28-31 August 2019 by the Inter-Church Youth Service. 260 young people attended the conference from many parts of Turkey and countries such as Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany. This year’s theme of the conference was “Serving”.

On the first day, Vahan İsaoğlu, Pastor of KUT Church gave a sermon on  “Youth serving in the Bible”; on the second day, Esat Avcıoğlu, Pastor of the Community of Jesus Christ the Believers in Cologne, who came from Germany gave a sermon on “Commitment to service and serving each other”; On the third day, Ibrahim Deveci, General Manager of Kucak Publishing House preached on “Call for service”.

One of the most striking teachings was about the meaning of serving. Serving does not mean only preaching; but doing also the world’s worthless services. “If you are a believer, even if you work in secular workplaces, you are actually serving God full time… In your messages, in your attitudes, in your words, you represent God” has been emphasized in all the preachings.

In some moments the young believers worshiped in tears when they approached God. They felt the Holy Spirit and received many blessings. Adrienne Neusch, Özgür Tunç, Liza Kuşoğlu, Daniel Günay, Halil Papasoğlu and Kayra Akpınar managed these worship times.

Young Believers Learned and Enjoyed the Workshops

Durind the event, many different workshops were held in order to enable young people to develop themselves in some fields. The leaders of workshops provided training in nine subjects in their respective fields: “Will we work for the sake of the Lord or the World?”, “Raising a New Generation”, “Use of Social Media and Service”, “Discovering Your Gift”. Each participant attended in a total of three different workshops and was equipped as much as possible in the selected subjects.

The panel entitled “Anatolian Servants”, organized by Doctor Behnan Konutgan, attracted the attention of young people.

After the morning meetings, the conference proceeded with group works. Thus, young people who did not know each other had the opportunity to meet and hear each other’s testimonies. By playing group games, they learned to act together. At the end of the group games, each member of the first group was awarded.

On the second evening of the conference, the 3rd Traditional Face to Face Talent Competition, titled “Let’s Have Fun Face-to-Face” was held. Fifteen talented participants attracted great attention. The first three people were given gifts.

On the last evening of the conference, each person was invited to the stage and each was awarded prizes.

The conference ended with lunch on Saturday, August 31.

The Inter-Church Youth Service team announced that the next Face-to-Face Youth Conference will be held in 2022. (SAT-7 TÜRK / DAP)

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