20 Nisan 2021 Salı

A man of God, Andrew Brunson

The case of Andrew Brunson was very political, very influential, very different and very strange.

Secret witness names like Prayer, Fire, Meteorite, Kama, and Sword seemed to be the reflection of a carefully written scenario. The accusations that he had to face like he had established relations with terrorist organizations advocating oppositional views, helped them, did espionage, and much more were observed very surprisingly.

Done. First, the accusation of espionage fell, then the names of the fantastic secret witness changed their testimonies. The defendant’s request to hear witness for proving the rootlessness of the accusations was not accepted, as there was no need because it was already time for the final-decision hearing. Even the court council has been changed before this hearing.

The trial was over and it was not difficult to guess the happiness of everyone when the plane sent by Trump’s special request was lifted.

Andrew was happy, Norine and his family were happy, Trump was happy, the country was also happy.

The Father God was most likely happy for Andrew and Norine as much as He was for the Prophet Job.

As much as Andrew Brunson suffered, he remained faithful and had the privilege of being a partner in the suffering of Christ. In the 3rdhearing, he said that ‘Jesus Christ was not only allowed me to believe in Him, but he also gave me the privilege of suffering for the sake of His name” in front of the court.

“I feel blessed, because the people separated me from my family for the name of Jesus, I am slandered, I suffered, people lied for my punishment. I chose to suffer in the prison, even though it was difficult, for the sake of Jesus. I want to show the superior value of suffering. Jesus Christ is worth it.”

Not only that, he told that he forgave the hidden witnesses who caused his troubles.

“I forgive everyone who slandered me and said all kinds of lies about me. I will not hold a grudge against them in my heart.”

Brunson did his best to explain the Gospel of God that brought joy. Instead of trying to defend himself in court proceedings, he used this opportunity to announce the Gospel.

“The most important thing in my life is my belief. I believe, of course, according to the Bible that I read every day, everyone sinned. Every person, including me, has sinned, and the price of sin, the punishment is death and hell.”

“Jesus Christ is worth my suffering. I sacrifice myself for his sake. And I want Turkey to know, I would like to announce to the whole of Turkey – Jesus Christ is the only savior, and I’m here for his sake. ”

At the end of the hearing when Andrew asked briefly for his last words, he said “I’m innocent, I love Turkey and Jesus.”

If he had been allowed to speak any further, his final words would be:

“I am God’s servant. My life is based on making know the Good News of Savior Christ. I have been imprisoned for my faith in Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ. No matter what happens to me, I will accept. Still, I want to say I love Jesus and Turkey. I want to be acquitted.”

He said these words and the delegation had a brief break and then released him. Unfortunately, he and his family left the country even not spending one more night.

After this result which caused the effect of water on fire, nice tweets started to come from Trump.

So how should we look at this and evaluate? This world is not our home, we will have infinite happiness with the Lord. In this world, those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and who want to live a life that pleases Him, will suffer. However, these troubles will not count anything besides what God has prepared for us.

Yes, the fact that Andrew Brunson was taken into custody and put on pre-trial detention for two years has brought him up. He has enjoyed the privilege of being a partner in the suffering of Christ, but above all, the word of Christ has been heard anyway. It will continue to be heard.

The Lord is glorified.


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