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Markar Esayan Passed Away

AK Party Istanbul Deputy Markar Esayan passed away. Esayan, who received treatment for stomach cancer last year, was receiving treatment at home after his disease metastasized. Esayan was 51 years old.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın, announced that Esayan passed away with a post on twitter, saying; “We lost dear Markar Esayan. I’m sorry for our  loss. He was one of the beautiful people this country raised. I wish patience to his family and relatives.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his condolences message shared on social media, said, ”I learned with great sadness the death of our AK Party central decision and management board member, Istanbul Deputy, my dear brother Markar Esayan. I extend my condolences to the family and loved ones of our brother Markar. We will never forget his contributions to our country’s politics and democracy.”

Bedros Şirinoğlu, head of the Armenian Foundations Union, reached out by the Anadolu Agency reporter, said that Esayan was an honest and hardworking person. Şirinoğlu said, “He was devoted to AK Party and would not miss any meeting about his party. He was very well-meaning and patriotic. We used to meet with him very often. He had stomach cancer, he struggled with the disease for a long time, unfortunately, the disease surrounded his  body and we lost hm.. We are very sorry as a congregation. He was a friend loyal to his state and nation.”

Letter of Condolences from Patriarch Sahak II to President Erdogan

As known. Markar Esayan, AK Party Istanbul Deputy and intellectual, passed away on 6 October 2020, Friday afternoon, leaving his loved ones in a deep sadness. On this occasion, His Holiness Patriarch Sahak II, has sent a condolence message to President of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Information about the farewell ceremony will be given separately.

Markar Esayan

Born on February 4, 1969 in Istanbul, Markar Esayan went to Primary School Bomonti Mıhitaryan and high school to Private Getronagan Armenian High School for Boys. In 1995, he completed his undergraduate education at Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration. He completed his master’s degree in Cultural Studies at Bilgi University. Master’s thesis cocered the topic “19. Class Conflicts, The Birth of the Bourgeoisie and Modernity in the 18th Century Armenian Realist Literature” and was a first in its field. He started to write columns under the heading “Narrow Gate” at the invitation of Hrant Dink since 2001 in the Agos Newspaper, which he has written intermittently since 1997. Esayan worked in various projects in many non-governmental organizations and provided consultancy services. After Hrant Dink’s assassination on 19 January 2007, he worked with Etyen Mahçupyan in order for Agos to continue its broadcasting  after Dink. He left Agos after Dink’s first death anniversary. After a while, he ended his writing. Since the spring of 2008, he started to work for Taraf newspaper. He continued to write columns under the title “Arada”. Since the sudden departure of the newspaper editor and his assistant on December 15, 2012, he became the temporary editor of the newspaper. Later, he worked with Oral Çalışlar until 25 April 2013. Since the summer of 2013, he has continued to write columns in Yeni Şafak and Daily Sabah newspapers, Serbestiyet and Turkey Agenda websites.

he first novel of the author, who is also a literary writer, “The Narrow Room of  Now” won the 2004 Revolution Bookstore Grand Prize and reached the reader in 2005. His novel “Encounter”, which is a continuation of his first novel, met with its readers in October 2007. His third novel, Jerusalem, was published in 2011 by the Timaş publishing house. Markar Esayan was able to speak and write English and Armenian languages.

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