18 Mayıs 2021 Salı
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Father Dimitri Yıldırım

Yusuf Nicholas Papasoğlu Ofically Started His Duty in İskenderun

Yusuf Nicholas Papasoğlu, Lebanon Balamand University St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology graduate directed his firs ritual at the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox...

Pentecost Rite in İskenderun Orthodox Church

Sacred rituals, which could not be carried out for some time because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures, restarted last weekend during the 'normalization' process....

Postponed Rituals Began Again In A Controlled Way

The sounds of prayer started to rise again in Iskenderun.Within the scope of Covid-19 measures that cover the whole world, places of worship, where...

Church Rituals are Being Held in İskenderun in Accordance with the Social Distance Rule

Church rituals were resumed in Iskenderun, following the normalization process and the measures taken against the coronavirus. Father Dimitri Yıldırım of the St. Nichola...

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