06 Kasım 2018

Semen Church in Ordu will be used for tourism

Semen Church in Ordu will be used for tourism

The church at Semen Plateau, which is at the border between the cities of Ordu and Giresun, continues to resist to years with its powerful architecture.

 The church, which is located on a hillside in Semen Plateau and surrounded by houses, is both protected and promoted by visitors. In the summer months, many tourists are visiting the area.

Visiting the Semen Church, Bülent Akçay stated that the church can serve to the tourism for both cities.

Akçay pointed out that the church has resisted to years with its strong structure. “The church, which is used by the residents of Ordu and Giresun, can easily be brought into tourism. The Semen Church is a huge cultural value in both provinces. The big part of the church is intact and standing. Nevertheless, it can be restored in its original form and become a more robust structure. After the restoration work, it will add a different color to the highland tourism” he added.


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