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Priest Hovagim Seropyan, Realized His First Holy Offering Mass

Hovagim Seropyan, consecrated by the Armenian Patriarch of Turkey His Beatitude Sahak II on Saturday 21 am, Hovagim Seropyan presented the first Holy Offering Mass on the Vortvots Vorodman (Sons of Thunder) Day in Church in the Armenian Patriarchal Cathedral complex of the Surp Asdvadzadzin Armenian Patriarchate in Kumkapı, on the morning of Tuesday, December 29, after a forty-day seclusion period.

Patriarch Sahak II presided over the mass, which was held with the participation of a limited number of believers due to the coronavirus measures, and all the priests and priests of the Patriarchate office attended. Priest Hovagim was assisted by Father Tatul Anuşyan, Father Nerses Ayvazyan and Deacon Setrak Davuthan, Armenak Kazancıyan, archdeacons and senior readers on the occasion of the first sacred offering mass. The hymns were performed by the members of the Armaş Choir and and by the priests under the baton of Deacon Harutyun Edvin Galipyan.

His Beatitude the Patriarch, who preached during the mass, once again congratulated the new Priest Hovagim and gave him advice, with his speech, which started with the verse “The harvest is great but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37). Patriarch Sahak II said briefly:

“When the Lord Jesus Christ looked at his followers sometimes, he would cry for them, because they were like lambs lost their way. He would want to deal with each of them individually, but that was not what one person would do. So he chose disciples. In the Bible, we see that the Lord Jesus Christ raised not only 12 apostles, but 72 disciples. It is necessary to produce and cultivate not only in the soil, but also the minds, souls, peoples and nations. This requires people to be prepared… Spirituals are very important for peoples. As spiritual leadership decreases, happiness, peace and love among peoples also decrease. When the Lord Jesus Christ speaks of the end of the world, one of the signs is that in those days Faith will decrease and love will decrease.

Priest Hovagim Seropyan, whom we blessed 40 days ago, realized the first Holy Presentation Mass in front of God and his people (Antranik Badarak) today, after the 40-day period of repentance. On this occasion, my spiritual advice to Priest Hovagim is that; First, you will always train yourself more. Because you are a sinner and not perfect, just like the people and us. Nor do we need to be perfect to serve the Lord. There are spots even in the sun, but it never fails to shine light. So that you will work for your own deficiencies, at the same time, you will make up deficiencies for those who need… We must let the Lord Jesus Christ form us. He formed his own disciples, you allow it too… The Lord Jesus Christ said “who is fulfilling my words, they are my mother and my brothers.” therefore, you are also called to this family… You will be happy by serving God… Welcome between us, we congratulate you. God increase your strength. “

Priest Hovagim, speaking after His Beatitude the Patriarch, reminded that since Adam and Eve, mankind offered gifts as a token of gratitude to the Creator, that two thousand years ago, Anna and Hovagim offered their firstborn children to God, that child was the Blessed Virgin Mary. and “Twenty centuries later, forty days ago, during the Feast of the Offering in the Temple, the deacon Vagharshag offered himself to God and His Church, and his family offered their son. His Beatitude the Patriarch, while offering one of the deacons of the Patriarchate, accepted the person who is offered, with the title of Spiritual Leader. Thus, the person who is offered received two identities: the priest of God and the priest of the Istanbul Armenian Patriarchate, ”he said.

Continuing his speech by also mentioning the importance of the priesthood, Priest Hovagim asked them to pray for this duty he had undertaken. At the end of his words, Priest Hovagim thanked his family first and recalled the memories of the late patriarchs Mesrob II, Karekin II and Şınorhk with whom he worked.

He thanked to everyone who participated in the masses or contributed in some way, supported with their prayers, the servants of all ranks of the Church, His Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartolomeos I, the spiritual head of the Armenian Catholic community, Archbishop Levon Zekiyan, the bishop of other patriarchates of the Armenian Church. and his priests, all the clergy of the Patriarchate in the person of high priest Tatul Anuşyan, his spiritual father Patriarch Sahak II and offered his gratitude to God. In the last days of 2020, on Vortvots Vorodman (sons of Thunder) Day, he wished the power of God and the intercession of Saint Jacob and the Gospel writer.

At the end of the mass, a prayer was made for the deceased family members of those who contributed to his life and especially in the priesthood, and a special prayer was made for the health of Father Hovagim’s mother.

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